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Creativity and well-being, how they are linked.

Have you ever noticed that people are at their most creative when their mind is empty? This is why writers famously say that they are going away to a cottage in the middle of nowhere to write – (I wish) – I believe it then takes time for these creative people to relax and empty their minds before they can actually begin to write at their best.

It is all over social media how people have been creative or learned knew skills over the lockdown periods. If you are someone who has not, then don’t feel inadequate about it. Everyone’s situation is completely different from the age of their children, employment, income, anxieties etc etc.. There are additional reasons why some people, even if they have the time, cannot or do not want to find the motivation or outlet to unleash their creativity whatever shape or form this may take.

It is known that people need to feel safe and without boundaries before they start showing their creativity at its best, so just because the time element is there it doesn't necessarily mean that we're in the right place, we may still feel blocked.

Self-care is the first building block for creativity. I have been using meditation and self-hypnosis for some time now to clear my busy mind. I didn’t see any signs of creativity for a long time, then I bought some tools and was watching you tube tutorials. This past weekend I must have felt that clarity and set myself up for two hours alone, a canvas, palette knives and acrylic paints.

The feeling as I created something with no plan, no road map, no end goal was liberating to say the least – and I wasn’t going to share, but here it is, no Vangogh I know!

I’m calling it No:1.

Stay safe, Liz

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