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Self-care pilates

Self-Care, Motivation and Pilates – the simple things.

My head was full this morning of thoughts –

what happened yesterday,

my full list for today,



friends coming over tonight,



COVID measures on and on and on,

I am walking fast, spilled some coffee,

Whats App is pinging,

emails start pinging,

forgot something from upstairs huff and puff

….…I have a Pilates class booked at 10….I think I’ll give it a miss too busy, too much to do.

My heart rate is up


Ok time to check-in……… Go outside into the sunshine, take shoes off……take a deep breath and ……SMILE……..

None of the above that fills my mind is more important than me.. I am going to Pilates.

8 members stood at the top of their mats with bare feet, breathing and moving slowly, filling our lungs with life sustaining oxygen, reaching our muscles, stretching, relaxing, my heart beat is slower, my shoulders relax

This is nurture of ones-self, this is bliss.

I am looking forward to my evening with friends and I will remember they are coming to be together not to assess the food or examine the dust.

Have a good day

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