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Taking the rough with the smooth - as a human race we do this right?

Sometimes the rough times seem to have no end and the smooth is so distant it is difficult to even visualise. Do you ever have those moments in life when you look around and everyone seems to be having a smoother ride than you for a longer period of time? You yearn for the time when you are at peace with life and trouble free.

The perception that other people have less worries is common, but no-one knows what happens behind closed doors and the thoughts that people hold in their heads. Life is a journey, a journey which has many obstacles but even more sunrises and sunsets, laughter and dancing, giving and receiving, running and skipping and loving and being loved. Of course, people feel happiness, confidence, relaxation, contentment through many of these different experiences and more.

Solution focused hypnotherapy is not about sprinting through this rough terrain to get through it, but recognising what resilience the client already has and giving space for them to find the coping strategies and resilience to get through the present rough terrain.

I can't remember who quoted this:

"Life isn't about what is thrown at you, it is how you cope with it"

If no-one claims it, I will, because I love this.

Recognise resilience, show gratitude for the good times and store them carefully so you can retrieve them when you need them for your positive future.

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